2Screens - Presentation Expert provides four themes for user selection.  Three of them are based on wood patterns and they all have the same set of color icons.  The other one is a legacy design based on iOS standard look-and-feel and use a set of dark gray icons.  The above screen shows how the screen looks like when the "Wood" theme is selected.

The theme can be changed in the Settings menu which is accessible by selecting 'Settings' from the Tools menu.  The Tools menu can be shown when the Tools icon [icon 9] is clicked.

The icons used for the "iOS Default" theme are shown below for reference.

Tap Zones

After a file or web site is loaded, one can tap on the following zones on the screen to switch to different pages within the current file:

Title bar on topmost of the screen  --  Go to the next page or slide
(A) Upper 1/3 of the screen  --  Go back to previous page or slide
(B) Middle 1/3 of the screen  --  Show or hide the Bottom Menu Bar
(C) Lower 1/3 of the screen  --  Go to next page or slide

Top Menu Bar

Most functions of the app that open a new pop-up window are placed on the Top Menu Bar.  You may click on the Top Bar icon [icon 21] on the Bottom Menu Bar to show or hide the top menu bar.  The functions of each icon are listed below:

1. Home icon  --  Open the Home Directory to select files that are already transferred to 2Screens' local folders, or access to cloud storage through the Network Storage menu.
2. Photos icon  -- Open the Photo Albums on your iPad to select photos for display
3. URL Bar  --  This bar can be called out by pressing the Globe icon to enter into BROWSER mode.  The link of the web sites to be loaded can be entered here
4. Back icon  --  Go back to the previous displayed page in BROWSER mode
5. Forward icon  --  Go to next page in the chain if you had ever gone 'back' before
6. Tabs icon  --  Switch to another tab or delete opened tabs
7. Bookmarks icon  --  Add, edit or delete bookmarks
8. Dump Screen icon  --  Show a pop-up menu for selecting to save the current screenshot to the 'Screenshots' sub-folder or the Photo Album
9. Tools icon  --  show a menu for accessing to several system functions or changing settings

Bottom Menu Bar

All functions that are commonly-used when conducting a presentation are grouped under the Bottom Menu Bar.  You may tap on the middle of the screen [area B] to show or hide the Bottom Menu Bar.  The functions of each icon are listed below:

11. Preview icon  --  Show or hide the Slide Navigator to view thumbnails of slides and also for quick jump to selected slide
12. Slide Show icon  --  start or stop slide show on current file
13. Presenter Note icon  --  Show or hide presenter notes window on the iPhone/iPad screen (currently the app can show presenter notes in Keynote and PPTX files, as well as PDFs exported from Mac Keynote app)
14. Up icon  --  Go to previous page or slide
15. Go To Page icon  --  Display a prompt for entering the page number of the page/slide to be switched to
16. Down icon  --  Go to next page or slide
17. Pointer icon  --  show or hide the laser pointer on the EXTERNAL screen
18. Screen icon  --  Suspend/resume screen mirroring to the external screen (e.g. turn it off when you are typing a password or trying to find a document file)
19. Meeting Notes icon  --  Show or hide a pop-up view for taking notes during presentation (the note will NOT be shown on external screen, don't worry!)
20. Whiteboard icon  --  Enter annotation mode to annotate on the screen (with the current slide as background)
21. Top Bar icon  --  Show or hide the Top Menu Bar

"Laser Pointer"

The app provides a "laser pointer" function.  User may choose one from the included set of shapes as the pointer.  To move the pointer, one should touch on it and then move the finger on the screen.  

One may click on the Pointer icon [icon 17] to show or hide it on the external screen.